Tamarind Market...


Tamarind Market

is only steps away from our Condo here in

Hua Hin.

This year it has a different feel to it,

it's more vibrant, cleaner and has different vendors.

It's a favourite with the Thai people.

Even though it is very close to the Cicada Market,

it's well worth going here.

Has live music and wonderful food.

They have also added some wonderful vintage

VW's and Cars that they sell clothing and crafts from them.

More photos of those next week.




Exploring alone...

It's a very interesting time when you are

in a different country for an extended period.

Most days Jim and I spend them together.

But there are some sights I want to see and Jim has no interest in them.

Truly, I understand.

I mean just how many flower photos can I possibly take?

( Or need?)

Maybe I need to see just another Temple that is up the hill.

Happily, a hockey game was being streamed

on the TV and I was off.


All on my own, taking as many photos as I wanted to,

being delighted with the sights, smells, and smiles

of the Thai people at the day market.

It is an easy town to get around in, lots of inexpensive transportation,

many many food stalls to eat at as well as an extraordinary

small things that delight me.

It's very very busy on the roads, but it feels

and is friendly and safe.




Happy Birthday Christa..

I keep thinking of all our daily messages, emails,

and FaceTime calls over the years.

When we don't have wifi,

we even resort to an old fashioned phone call.

Happy Happy Birthday,

my very dear long term friend!

I truly miss you.

I will see you in the spring,

Truly one of my favourite times spent with you,
fly fishing the Bull River,
let's plan on doing this again next spring or summer!



A new tooth...

Claire turns 6 on December 29.

She has lost her first tooth but the new one has quickly replaced it.

I love the look of these little kids when they have

a toothless gap in their front teeth.

It is such a right of passage as a child.




It's all about the food....

There are street carts on every corner.
They have fish, chicken, pork,
shrimp & lobsters.
They add little side cars to their motor cycles
and have a small
little charcoal grill to cook the food when you hail them down.
They are resourceful and hardworking people and they love their food!
It is no wonder that Thai food is loved
everywhere it is served.
They also make some great pineapple
mini pies and cake.
You see pineapple fields everywhere here.
I love how they showed how a pineapple grows
in their wheelbarrow.
They also makes very yummy cold drinks such as
iced lattes and smoothies.



Another day out...

Taking a walk this morning to get some errands done

makes its so wonderful to come back to

swim, walk and play in the pool.

Today there was a lot of humidity.

It's really quite warm but overcast.

On our walk we went into the InterContinental Hotel.

Fabulous location right on the beach.

It has one of the very few

highway overhead cross walks here in Hua Hin.

You get quite the view looking both north and south.

I also stopped at a display where they showed how silk was made.

On the walk back,

I saw this simply amazing water lily,

It was larger than my hand spread open.

We finished off our morning with a treat from our


becoming favourite bakery.

We were lucky to finally get enough beach to walk

on later on in the day.

The tide was out a far distance and around 5:00

was the perfect time to take it all in.



Weekend joy....

We have been doing some more exploring,

it is fun to see the interesting sights

around this town we have come to love.

Not all of it is rural.

There is a new multi billion dollar "BluPort" mall that has opened

with 200 shops, it's very modern and upscale.

Wonderful place to have a coffee and a treat.

I have been having fun playing with

the flowers found around our pool.

Even using a bottle I found to use as a vase.